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The SCAW Tournament is a CAW wrestling single-elimination tournament held by SCAW. Thirty-two SCAW wrestlers compete in a single elimination tournament until only one is declared the winner.

The first tournament in 2007 determined who will claim the SCAW Championship and it culminated at Blood, Sweat & Tears I.

Since 2008 it's become used to determine who will get a shot at the title at SCAW Blood, Sweat and Tears. For added variety, both the SCAW Internet Championship and the SCAW Zero-One Championship are defended in the first round. The 2008 and 2009 tournaments culminated at SCAW No Guts No Glory but SCAW Ascendance has hosted the tournament since 2010.


Year Date CPV Winner
2007 SCAW Tournament June 29-August 22 Blood, Sweat & Tears I Spider-Man
2008 SCAW Tournament May 26-July 16 No Guts No Glory 2008 Homer Simpson
2009 SCAW Tournament June 1-July 19 No Guts No Glory 2009 Inuyasha
2010 SCAW Tournament July 11-August 22 Ascendance 2010 Spider-Man
2011 SCAW Tournament July 24-September 7 Ascendance 2011 Anakin
2012 SCAW Tournament August 8-September 6 Ascendance 2012 Prince of Persia
2013 SCAW Tournament October 7-November 19 Ascendance 2013 Edward Elric
2015 SCAW Tournament February 27-April 15 Ascendance 2015 Hellboy
2016 SCAW Tournament August 15-October 9 Ascendance 2016 Thor
2018 SCAW Tournament July 29-September 21 Ascendance 2018 King