The Prince of Persia
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Year/Event debuted

Day of Destiny 2008

Championships earned

SCAW Zero-One Championship (2x)
SCAW Tag Team Championship (2x)
SCAW Championship (2x)
SCAW Legends Championship

Other achievements

2012 SCAW Tournament winner

The Prince is the name given to a group of fictional characters who act as the main protagonists of the Prince of Persia franchise, developed and published by Ubisoft. There have been several distinct Prince characters, all sharing general traits. The most prominent version was first featured in the 2003 game Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, who has featured in a large number of games set within the first game's continuity. In the 2008 reboot, the Prince is not from a royal family but was planned to earn his title during the course of his journey. In the film adaptation of The Sands of Time, the prince is called Dastan.

The Prince was originally created by Jordan Mechner for the original 1989 game. His main concepts for the character were taken from Middle Eastern fiction such as One Thousand and One Nights, while his athleticism taking inspiration from the opening of Raiders of the Lost Ark. The character's movements were created by Mechner by capturing footage of his brother and transferring them into the game using rotoscoping. For The Sands of Time, the Prince was redesigned and rewritten, and over the course of its sequels, was developed in various ways. The 2008 series reboot redesigned him around a concept of a prince in making. The character Dastan was played by Jake Gyllenhaal, who willingly accepted the challenge of playing the Prince.

While the public and critical opinion of individual Princes has varied, the character, in general, has been positively received. The original Prince has been seen as a breakthrough in gameplay design, while his appearances in The Sands of Time have varied, with particular criticism being laid against his dark portrayal of Warrior Within. The reboot Prince's portrayal has also divided public opinion, while Gyllenhaal's portrayal of the Prince has drawn mixed opinions from critics.


Championships Reign Date Event Notes Days held
SCAW Zero-One Championship 1 April 5, 2009 Day of Destiny 2009 defeated The White Ranger 72
SCAW Zero-One Championship 2 September 6, 2010 SCAW Superstar Clash 68 defeated The Gladiator and Edward Elric in a Triple Threat match 104
SCAW Tag Team Championship (with The Gladiator) 1 February 29, 2012 Reckless Randomness 2012 defeated Santa Claus & Hellboy 109
SCAW Championship 1 February 27, 2013 WinterSlam 2013 defeated Captain America, Homer Simpson and Spider-Man in an Ultimate Four-Way Match 200
SCAW Championship 2 December 1, 2013 SCAW Superstar Clash 131 defeated Homer Simpson, Santa Claus, Spider-Man, The Green Lantern and Dante in an Elimination Chamber Match 42
SCAW Legends Championship 1 February 16, 2015 WinterSlam 2015 defeated Superman 126
SCAW Tag Team Championship (with Drax the Destroyer) 2 October 9, 2016 Ascendance 2016 defeated Casey Jones & Liu Kang 98