Dark December 2010
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December 19, 2010


Honda Center


Anaheim, CA



Theme Song

"Seasons" by Veer Union


Blood, Sweat & Tears IV


To Hell And Back 2011

Dark December 2010 is the 25th cpv produced by SCAW. It is the fourth in the chronology. It took place on December 19, 2010 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

Ten matches took place, with two in the Preshow. The Green Lantern defended the SCAW Championship in an Ultimate Four-Way Match at the main event.




YuYu Hakusho (Yusuke Urameshi & Kazuma Kuwabara) defeated Ryu Hayabusa & Nacho in a tag team match. Yusuke pinned Ryu Hayabusa after the Kuwabara Drop.

Spock pinned Max Payne after the Logical Maneuver.

Preliminary matchesEdit

Doctor Doom interrupted Chuck Norris' promo so he was put in a match. Doctor Doom pinned Mick Thomson after the Doctor Doom Bomb.

Abraham Lincoln offered Lara Croft a contract if she watches over his daughter.

Mr. Clean pinned The Prince of Persia after the Clean Cut to win his second SCAW Zero-One Championship.

Inuyasha and The White Ranger had some words backstage.

Edward Elric pinned Superman after the Sudden Alchemy. Ichigo Kurosaki distracted Superman.

Optimus Prime pinned Inuyasha after the Prime Line.

Chuck Norris made Ichigo compete under threat of suspension and not being allowed a title shot in 2011.

He-Man made Harry Potter submit with the Power of Greyskull to retain the SCAW Internet Championship.

Piccolo refused to ally with Zod & Ivan Drago.

War Machine pinned Ichigo after the Mortar Slam. Superman attacked Ichigo.

Jack Sparrow & The Joker defeated Santa Claus & Hellboy to retain the SCAW Tag Team Championship. Joker pinned Hellboy after a hard Irish whip onto an exposed turnbuckle.

Jean-Luc Picard will guest on LeBron James Highlight Reel. Spock isn't amused.

Ghost Rider attacked Anakin so Lincoln will lift his suspension.

Main eventEdit

The Green Lantern defended the SCAW Championship in an Ultimate Four-Way match. Spider-Man pinned Homer Simpson after the Five Star Spider Splash. Green Lantern pinned Spider-Man with a Cross Body Splash.

Robin grabbed the belt to win the SCAW Championship after hitting Green Lantern with three Boy Wonder Slams.


# Result Stipulation
1P YuYu Hakusho (Yusuke Urameshi & Kazuma Kuwabara) defeated Ryu Hayabusa & Nacho Tag Team Match
2P Spock defeated Max Payne Singles Match
3 Doctor Doom defeated Mick Thomson Singles Match
4 Mr. Clean defeated The Prince of Persia (champion) Singles Match for the SCAW Zero-One Championship
5 Edward Elric defeated Superman Singles Match
6 Optimus Prime defeated Inuyasha Singles Match
7 He-Man (champion) defeated Harry Potter Singles Match for the SCAW Internet Championship
8 War Machine defeated Ichigo Kurosaki Singles Match
9 Jack Sparrow & The Joker (champions) defeated Santa Claus & Hellboy Tag Team Match for the SCAW Tag Team Championship
10 Robin defeated The Green Lantern (champion), Spider-Man and Homer Simpson Ultimate Four-Way Match for the SCAW Championship
P - indicates the match was in the Preshow