The 2007 SCAW Tournament was a CAW wrestling tournament that was held by SCAW. The prize was the unclaimed SCAW Championship. This was the first SCAW tournament.

Spider-Man won at Blood, Sweat & Tears to become the first SCAW champion.


First RoundEdit

# Date Results
1 June 29 Guile defeated Ryu Hayabusa
2 M. Bison defeated The Gladiator
3 Wolverine defeated Sandman
4 Ichigo Kurosaki defeated RoboCop
5 Freakazoid defeated Johnny Cage
6 The Joker defeated Colossus
7 Spider-Man defeated Eddy Gordo
8 Homer Simpson defeated Darth Vader
9 Captain America defeated Cyclops
10 Nacho defeated Bart Simpson
11 Inuyasha defeated The Green Lantern
12 Kobe Bryant defeated Shaquille O'Neal
13 Robin defeated Batman
14 Jimmy King defeated Burger King by disqualification
15 Santa Claus defeated Two-Face
16 Ghost Rider defeated The Flash
  • 1 - This was the first SCAW match aired.
  • 14 - BK hit Jimmy with a steel chair.
# Date Results
17 M. Bison defeated Freakazoid
18 Spider-Man defeated Nacho
19 Santa Claus defeated Ichigo Kurosaki
20 Ghost Rider defeated Wolverine
21 Homer Simpson defeated Kobe Bryant
22 Captain America defeated Jimmy King
23 Inuyasha defeated Robin
24 The Joker defeated Guile


# Date Results
25 August 16 Santa Claus defeated Ghost Rider
26 August 16 Spider-Man defeated The Joker
27 August 16 M. Bison defeated Homer Simpson by count out
28 August 16 Inuyasha defeated Captain America by count out
  • 27 - Bart Simpson attacked Homer.

Semifinals and FinalsEdit

# Date Results
29 August 22 M. Bison defeated Santa Claus
30 August 22 Spider-Man defeated Inuyasha
31 August 22 Spider-Man defeated M. Bison